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Self destruction blog

I want to see something, Reblog if you’re older than 13 and younger than 25.

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everything personal♡
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“There’s a plane leaving for anywhere you want right now, and in an hour, and in a day, and in a year. You can get out whenever you want, it’s comforting I think.”


I hate when people ask what im doing tomorrow I dont even know what Im doing right now stop doing this to me

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I left my jacket in my friends truck and when I got it back this was left in the pocket. You are so beautiful I wish I could spend every minute with you and I miss you every minute that I’m not I could spend years  telling you all the  things I like about you So I’m just gonna say in our solar  system there’s 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas,  and I have had  the privilege to meet you You to me are  1 in 7 billion and theres no one else  Id rather spend time with than you
*sidenote*I’m really sorry for  all the stuff that’s been happening  lately
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naming your child pizza so you know you’ll always love it

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